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Maarten De Brauwer

Maarten De Brauwer
Research Fellow in Quantitative Tropical Marine Ecology

Tell us something about yourself:  I am a marine scientist with a passion for discovery and conservation. I do research at some of the world’s most beautiful and vulnerable places to better understand and protect them. There is more beauty in the natural world than we can possible imagine, being able to shine a light on even a small portion is both a source of motivation and gratefulness for me.

Tell us something about your topic: Using fluorescence to understand and protect coral reefs. How I found it: With an open mind and some serendipity.

What does „Shine a Little Light“ mean for you? The light of the sun breaking through the surface of the ocean when diving at 30m deep is my favourite source of light. Sharing my passion for the natural world to make people appreciate it even more.

Foto: Fabien Audibert


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