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Shreya Kumar

Shreya Kumar, User Experience Designer, 26

Shreya is at an intersection of being a designer by profession and a researcher at heart, which helps her bring out meaningful outcomes at work and  personally. She is on the run trying to Innovate as she goes, exploring all kinds of spaces and audiences where she can put her design and empathy skills to use, wanting to create an impact. She worked at  Amsterdam MediaLab – where she did design research on how interactive screens and content could bring citizens closer creating meaningful  encounters. She took this research forward, trying to test it in other  forms of media and spaces. Its about looking back to make sure you have all the insights and stories filed up and looking ahead, grabbing the opportunity to put it to use by constantly connecting dots. She was recently awarded the ‘Excellence in User Experience’ for contributing to  an organisation that innovates to create futuristic and user friendly digital experiences and wants to continue contributing to institutions that aim to create impact. Also, she lives a parallel healthy life to draw in quality, which helps her break away for a while and head back to the other parallel after a refresh. Her love for the hills takes her to the Himalayas every now and then and has a bunch of treks planned for the next three years. Currently she is training to be a Solo Paragliding Pilot. Come take a flight with her.

What fascinates you about the TEDx stage and format?
Time and again I type out a TED talk for professional, social and emotional help. It has been a platform which has helped the whole world turn pages, new leaves and professions. If expressing an idea on this platform means a change  or help for someone who seeks it, that is precisely what I am in for.

What kind of New Understanding do you propose or think the world needs? 
Humanity is responsible for change, and it is a constant we cannot surpass. We should however steer it in such a way that humanity benefits from it.

Which is your favourite TED talk?
What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness by Robert Waldinger

What can we look forward to in your TEDxStuttgart talk? 
A new direction for the change makers.

Do you have a claim, a statement, or a quote you’d like to be associated with?
„Design your mile and Jumpstart it“

What’s your Twitter and/or Facebook handle?