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Sunga Seo

Sunga Seo
Sunga Seo

Title: A Korean working for a French company in Germany – How to make a global working life successful

Description: It is now common for young generations to go abroad to do an exchange program in university and to gain working experiences in the local market after their studies have ended. It is a reality that more and more people transfer to another country to enrich their lives and pursue personal and professional goals.

However does everybody have success in settling down and enjoying their life and work in foreign countries? There are people, who continuously complain about the differences in the countries that they are in and they feel unhappy being in an unfamiliar environment. On the other hand, there are people, who are fully integrated and accepted by the community. And they enjoy their life being in a foreign country.

Sunga Seo will share her story how she paved the way along her journey.

Biography: ‘International’ is her Trademark. Sunga Seo was born and raised in Korea, has studied in Seoul and Vancouver, Canada and has gained much international expertise working in Korea, France and Germany. She is currently working for a French Company, Dassault Systèmes, in Germany as a senior marketing manager for large enterprises in Central Europe.

Her German knowledge and language skills did not exist prior to her arrival in Germany in 2007. Now she is fully enjoying her professional and private life in Germany after gaining an excellent proficiency in the German language and understanding many European cultures.