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Ross Fisher

Ross is Consultant Surgeon at Sheffield Children’s Hospital in England specialising in Surgical Oncology. As well as operating, he spends a lot of time discussing emotive and complicated problems with families and recognises that clarity of thought and simplicity of approach make a significant difference in such encounters; a good surgeon must also be a good communicator. He has a strong interest in medical education but has somewhat broken away from traditional teaching methods. He loves to share, inspire and encourage. Why should you listen? Well, he wants to share, don’t you want to be encouraged and inspired?

Ross Fisher: Inspiration: is this what you are looking for?
No great project starts simply of its own volition. No piece of art springs from the artist’s palette unbidden. No great invention was ever just a throw away thought. They all started from moments of inspiration. We all recognise the influence and effect of inspiration; we seek inspiration for life, for challenges, for creativity, for business, for thought and expression and for art. Perhaps you have even come to TEDxStuttgart seeking inspiration. Yet the harder we look, the harder it is to find. Ross discusses the nature and power of inspiration in his life as a Paediatric Surgeon and its relevance to our everyday and not so everyday lives.