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Marie Lienhard

Marie Lienhard

The artist Marie Lienhard (FR/EN) does not limit herself to any fixed medium, but positions her work in the context of visual experience, questioning that context by using photography, video, drawing, installation & virtual reality to enquire into the elasticity of perception. Her work explores explicit negotiations between optical phenomena and society relevant questions, often drawing on floating, flying & falling allegories. Through visual shifts she addresses the ever-so-deeply seated human longing of overcoming physical laws and borders in body and mind. Sharpening perception and allowing imagination experiments.

Why TED/TEDx? What fascinates you about the TED/TEDx stage and format?
Chris Anderson, Head of TED writes: ‘in every culture, as language developed, people have learned to share their stories, hopes and dreams’*. With this thought in mind I find the TED format offers an amazing opportunity to keep this tradition alive in a fully contemporary manner.

What kind of New Understanding do you propose or think the world needs? Alternatively: If you had the chance to change something in the world, what would it be?
While it remains difficult to envision anything outside of the current system of consumer capitalism, we see the longing for new social and political narratives everywhere. Art is culturally essential because it serves no purpose other than inviting us, through the senses, beyond all borders, to new imaginings of the possible.

Which is your favourite TED talk?
JR „My Wish: Use art to turn the world inside out

What can we look forward to in your TEDxStuttgart talk? (without giving anything away yet)
IMAGINATION EXPERIMENTS, through looking together.

By setting opposing, seemingly incompatible poles side by side and creating new as well as surprising connections from the seemingly so familiar.  Directing the eye of the beholder from the surface to what is hidden behind it. Revealing that which beauty and longing conceal – without, however, prescribing perception. For ultimately, it is up to each and everyone to combine the opposing extremes, both mentally and physically.

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