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Tchicaya Missamou

Name: Dr. Tchicaya Missamou
Age: 43 years old
Occupation: Author, Motivational Speaker, Communication Strategist
Place of residence: Stuttgart, Germany

  • What is your favourite TED talk?
    I had great pleasure in watching Why Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek
  • What do you like about the TED / TEDx format? 
    The TEDx format cultivates a community of intelligent people with a diverse set of experiences.
  • What do you make of the motto, „Déjà Vu – Vuja De”? 
    Live. Don’t exist.
  • What is the topic of your talk and why are you passionate about it?
    There are eighty-six thousand and four hundred seconds of Thankfulness in which I am so passionate about. I enjoy the process of living as we are born with all we need. We must approach challenges not as problems, but as an opportunity to grow so we can leave this earth better than we found it. We are the change agents. 
  • How did you hear about TEDxStuttgart?
    From a great leader.
  • How is/was the preparation for your TEDxStuttgart talk going?
    This is the second time I have had the pleasure of gracing the stage of the TEDx talk. While there are similarities I always seek to improve my delivery and ensure my message promotes thought-provoking ideas which make this experience challenging however, I am grateful for the opportunity.
  • What’s your biggest motivation to get up every morning?
    I am motivated by my family.
  • What’s the biggest change you expect to see in the world over the next 10 years?
    Embracing diversity 
  • What was the biggest challenge in your life so far?
    I don’t see a challenge, I see opportunities to make a difference.
  • What’s a wise saying that you think is true?
    Once you are grateful, you are happy. Once you are happy, you are thankful.
86400 opportunities to be grateful | Tchicaya Missamou