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Paula Schramm

Paula Schramm
Paula Schramm

Title: Reclaiming Power – stepping up to meet the challenge

Description: Our personal belief in our powerlessness is reflected in our societal inability to meet the great challenges of our time. The greater incidences of depression and anxiety is a direct reflection of the growing exploitation of our labor and natural resources. The idea of always more is sucking us dry!

To survive, and to thrive, this has got to change.

This talk will show how assuming responsibility for our actions and existence is a freeing experience that lets us meet personal challenges. As a collective, this will give us the tools to meet our global challenges and become part of the global solution.

Biography: Paula Schramm has been on a long journey to find what is good and true. It took her through a PhD candidacy in science, yoga teacher training and also, through the Santiago de Compostella. Along the way she found a whole slew of strategies that not only helped her recover from her own mental health issues, but to thrive in a world that is often hostile to personal growth. At the center of all of these is fundamentally accepting the individual power to take control of one’s own life and to exert influence in the world.

As a coach/superhero, working from Stuttgart, she shares these strategies with individuals and companies.