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Lina Bembe

Lina Bembe
Performer and Communications

Tell us something about yourself: I’m a Latinx sex professional. Everything I do is related to sex: I started as a porn performer and from there I moved into other related fields, such as directing my own films and writing about sex. I’m currently contributing towards the launch of Sex School, an upcoming explicit sex education web platform, both in front and behind cameras. What motivates me the most are the possibilities of demolishing the massive amounts of shame and stigma our societies attach to everything related to sex; and more importantly the positive changes and growth that happens when we give ourselves the opportunity to question how relate to ourselves and other through sex.

Tell us something about your topic: My topic is about the freedom to have respectful, honest, unbiased conversations about sex, without censorship and how to stimulate a culture of communication and consent. So many crucial aspects are missing in our real life sex and relationships: Shame-free spaces to talk about sex, to confront our own fears, insecurities and traumas, resources to learn how to better communicate with others, a culture of consent as a major priority in our sexual encounters. All these elements are part of the sex education many of us didn’t have and very much need. I believe it’s about time to have more spaces to continue learning about sex in more inclusive and realistic ways.

What does „Shine a Little Light“ mean for you? My favourite source of light are meaningful human connections with the power of transforming our lives for better. „Shine a Little Light“ in the practice means not giving up and keep on fighting to create spaces for holding our truest, most authentic selves; that’s when mutual respect and understanding happens.

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