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Jasmin Agarwal

Jasmin Agarwal
„The sky is the limit.“


I started to hang out in scientific labs when I was 17 years old being still a high school kid. I was fascinated. By chance I got in touch with leukemia cells. Leukemia is blood cancer. And blood research became the one thing that followed me throughout my life. I know how to turn stem cells into blood cells and how to turn blood cells into stem cells.

Ironically, this only made sense 17 years later after I had finally decided to leave science forever to go back to clinics just to be a doctor. Turning down all my dreams that had not worked out in the lab.

But changing my perspective made me realize how valuable donor blood is in the hospital, the severe consequences of non-matching blood groups and the scare of transferred infections. That activated my scientific brain and my big vision was born. There need to be a way to make blood in the lab. Universal blood.

Today I dare to go the first steps on this way. I am curious where it will lead me. And I am convinced that together we will find a way to Give Blood to People. Clean, safe and in unlimited amounts.

What was the biggest challenge in your life?

The birth of my son Sameer turned my life upside down. I found myself as a career woman not being self determined anymore. Sameer was setting the rules now and he made me question everything in my life. He is the reason why I stand here today.

Sameer and his brother Nicolo were the biggest challenge in my life and the best career decision I ever took because they changed my perspective. They got me out of the hamster wheel of employment and sent me into a deep personal development. As a result I dare to have big dreams again, like a kid, but now being equipped with the tools to realize them.

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