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Christof Horn

Dr. Christof Horn
Dipl.-Phys. Dipl.-Math.
Born 1973, CEO at P3 group
Lives in Stuttgart, two kids

The world is getting faster, more connected and more complex. How do Enterrpises handle this dynamic complexity? Do the known structures really work?

Christof Horn: Network Companies and Company Networks – How to Survive Dynaxity
As a mathematician and physicist, Christof Horn is well schooled in analysing complex problems. Complexity around us is increasing all the time. The world is getting increasingly faster and more interconnected. How do organisations handle this dynamic complexity? Do established structures still fit? One response to the dynamics and complexity are networks. Christof Horn is managing director of the P3 Group. Their way from a startup at the RWTH Aachen to a staff of more than 2000 consultants and engineers worldwide brought with it a lot of challenges. The company is structured like a fractal network, constantly in motion to react to this complexity.