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Oliver Kempkens und Dennis Lips

Design Thinking Applied – A retrospective on Corporate’s Understanding of Innovation

Design Thinking created a lot of buzz within the last couple of years. However, breakthrough innovations which were claimed to be a result of Design Thinking were missed. Is Design Thinking therefore a failed experiment, like Bruce Nussbaum said? Dennis and Oliver will tell you what they learned while working at and consulting corporations on their path to innovation.

Biographie Oliver Kempkens
Oliver has deep roots in European entrepreneurship and a wide variety of business experience, ranging across many industries. More than a decade of leading organizational change in varied business and non-business environments, Oliver now wields as Sr. Director at SAP and CEO of ADAPT OR DIE™ Ventures. A witness to the benefits of innovative thinking, Oliver has spread the word as keynote speaker from Germany to Moscow, Teheran and beyond.


Biographie Dennis Lips
Dennis is a PhD candidate at the University of Mannheim and Stanford University. He gained extensive technological expertise by leading various projects for Deere & Company, SAP SE, BASF SE, and DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga. He lived his entrepreneurial mindset by founding a company which offers end-to-end web solutions. At Stanford, Dennis was trained as a Design Thinking facilitator and exercised this profession as Sr Project Lead for ADAPT OR DIE™ Ventures.