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TEDxStuttgart // “Post-x” // Fr., 31.10.2014 // 17:00 Uhr

Falls Sie es nicht erwarten können:

  • Bilder vom letzten Event gibt es HIER.
  • Die Videos mit allen Speakern und jeder Menge Inspiration finden Sie HIER.
  • Solltet ihr TEDx noch nicht kennen, dann liefert das Video unter Über TEDx einen Einblick.
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TEDxStuttgart // “Post-x” // 31.10.2014 // 5 p.m.

If you can’t wait…

  • See pictures from our event “Collaborate for Humanity” HERE.
  • Have a look to the previous talks and find inspiration HERE
  • To know more about TEDx, we’ve got you the video under About TEDx as a little introduction

Stuttgart has been an unparalleled world leader in science, business, innovation and culture. This city is built on great ideas. TEDxStuttgart wants to provide a platform to share these great ideas with the broad community and the world. We believe that if ideas are shared with community leaders and multipliers, they will have the chance to make a difference for our community. We are inviting innovative thinkers and researchers from different backgrounds to share their ideas worth spreading to our community. The organization team of TEDxStuttgart has built TEDxStuttgart from the ground and brought bright minds with cultivating brilliant ideas and visions to Baden-Württemberg– helping Stuttgart continue to flourish onto the global network. We want to hear from you, get in contact with us!!